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Pastors and Leaders,

Thank you all for your time and faithful commitment to the Lord. God is without a doubt doing big things in Vegas, especially among faith leaders contending for unity. Since 2009 there has been a concentrated effort to work with faith leaders in Las Vegas to address the issues of child exploitation and human trafficking through addressing Christian men to be the miracle our society and church needs.

If there is to be any reduction in exploitation of women and children; if there is to be any freedom for men from the destructive bondage of pornography, men must be challenged, equipped and called to be the miracle for our society today and fight for those being exploited and fight for other men bound by pornography and other vices.

FREE International’s 1000 Men for Freedom is looking to partner with Las Vegas’ faith community for a movement of solidarity among men. Our goal is to have 1000 men of faith come together at the Las Vegas Men’s Freedom Conference and Community Walk on October 22nd and 23rd 2021 at Trinity Life Center. This is an unprecedented undertaking for men of Las Vegas to lead the way in ending all forms of exploitation. This conference is not about denominations, but about building the Kingdom of God in men.

The goal of reaching 1000 men can be easily accomplished by partnering with 100 churches to bring 10+ men. Our goal is not to build a church, but to build the Kingdom of God in men for your church. This can be an incredible opportunity for your church to reach men!

This conference will include:

  • Friday night worship service
  • Saturday morning worship service
  • Name signing ceremony on banner to lead the walk.
  • “Dollar Drop” – There will be 3 stops on the walk. At each location there will be an opportunity for men to support local missions:
    • FREE International Drop-in Center – Men will lead the way by supporting the victim services of Free International’s drop-in center by each man giving one dollar.
    • First Choice Pregnancy Center – Men will have an opportunity to support FCPC and protect the unborn by each man giving one dollar.
    • SOS Radio Station – Men will have the opportunity to support SOS Radio and their mission to spread the gospel by each man giving one dollar.
  • BBQ Lunch after walk.


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